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The Car Coach: Premium Gas Required For Premium Cars

Never neglect the engine's lifeblood either

This week the Car Coach Lauren Fix answers questions about how to keep your car running at peak performance.

MINI Cooper S recalled for protruding tailpipes, inadvertent tattoos

Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2008 MINI Cooper S

Be a tolerable car passenger

I pretty much hate riding instead of driving. I like to think I keep my cool and don't betray my distress over someone's lack of attention or skill. I must not be alone, since AOL Autos has offered up five useful tips for when you must occupy a seat other than the driver's chair. The suggestions are good ones, in fact, it's stuff I already do, but not everyone has my exquisitely tuned sense of decorum. Mainly, what it boils down to is chill out when you're a passenger in someone else's car. Bein

Savvy driving saves money

The Volvo Cars Driving Academy (VCDA) is located in Göteborg, on the west of Sweden. About 12 students at a time enter the course. They first get to drive a set urban route with cars that are equipped with instruments to measure exact fuel consumption. Then after the class, the students then get to drive exactly the same route once more, applying their newly learned skills.

Love your wallet: eleven fuel saving tips to put money back in your pocket

Over the last few years fuel prices, and by extension vehicle economy, have come into focus as a major factor for a lot of household's budgets. Think about for a moment what percentage of your weekly budget disappears into the tank. Now, would you like some of that back? Its easier than you think if you follow some simple rules that don't include driving everywhere at 30 mph.

Relearning to drive from 'hypermiler'

A stock (right from the dealership) hybrid that gets over 90 miles per gallon? A Toyota Prius that receives over 1,200 miles on a single tank of fuel without any mods? How'd these vehicles achieve such miles without technology?

Dubious fuel tip debunked

While posting in his blog about ways to increase fuel economy, der5er goes into considerable depth covering the offbeat tip of buying your gas in the morning instead of the afternoon. The theory goes that fuel is denser in cooler temperatures and that you get more fuel for your money if pump in the morning when the temp is low and the fuel is denser. der5er, suspicious of the tip, did some research and after considerable effort finally