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Historically, Toyota has been the automaker with the Midas touch... everything it did seemed to turn to gold. But, in light of Toyota's recent safety and recall woes, if you were compiling a short list of companies that you admire today – as in right now – would the Big Red T make the cut?

Oh, what a terrible feeling it must have been when Toyota's president, Akio Toyoda, had to sit down and write out this here mea culpa, mia maxima culpa for today's Washington Post. As the bad news continues to fall upon Toyota's bruised crown, we imagine that Mr. Toyoda realized that his company had reached the point where continued sound bite apologies (here's another one) isn't doing Toyota all that much good. As such, he put pen to paper and defends the Japanese giant in long format.

2009 Toyota Corolla, now power steering woes? - click above for high-res image gallery

And the Toyota beat rolls on. Or should we say the Toyota beat down rolls on. Check this out: a group of Toyota owners (and leasers) have asked a judge to file a class action suit demanding that until their accelerator pedals are fixed, Toyota should pick up the tab for the recalled cars. That's right, some folks in Cincinnati feel they shouldn't have to make any payments to Toyota until their cars are fixed. Here's what the lawyer filing the suit has to say:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart takes on the Toyotathon of Death – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Man, when it rains, it absolutely pours. Especially if you're a carmaker called Toyota and are already embroiled in a credibility-killing (and sales-smothering) gas pedal recall plus another for defective floor mats. According to the Detroit Free Press, none other than U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has absolutely blasted the Japanese giant, calling it "a little safety deaf" and noting he was upset that NHTSA officials had to fly to Japan "to remind Toyota management about its legal ob

Toyota's recalled pedal assembly close-up – Click above for high-res image gallery

Seems as everyone's getting miffed at Toyota these days. Customers are angry over the millions of recalls and/or sudden yet unintended acceleration, readers are ticked at Toyota for taking our focus away from more exciting car news and we're frankly annoyed at having to write about the ailing Japanese giant every time we switch the computer on. But none of us are as miffed as one man in Louisiana.