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Friedman in the fray: gas tax redux

The idea of implementing a gas tax is becoming as regular in the national debate as the seasons. Those in favor: the Wall Street Journal and Bill Ford, Jr. Those opposed: Sebastian Blanco

What Tom Friedman doesn't know about hydrogen...

... could probably fill a book. A really big book. However, never let it be said that a lack of knowledge stopped Friedman from opining on a subject. Friedman's most recent column focuses mainly on research into fusion reactors which may or may not ever be a viable technology. It's certainly too early to tell since we have yet to produce a working prototype of a controlled fusion reactor. However, in dissing fusion, Friedman also needlessly takes a swipe at hydrogen.

ACORE 2008: Thomas Friedman destroys his own argument, calls out GM's greenwashing

Following James Woolsey at today's American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) Phase II Renewable Energy National Policy Forum, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman gave the keynote address. Now, Friedman has Sebastian Blanco

NYT columnist calls on Steve Jobs to fix Detroit

In 2001, General Motors needed a revival and Bob Lutz was anointed The One. It was widely accepted that if anyone could breathe life into a struggling car company, it was him.

Tom Friedman takes on the idiocy of a gas tax holiday

I don't often agree with anything that New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman has to say but for once he is right on. He is calling out Hillary Clinton and John McCain for their blatant political pandering in this presidential election year. These two candidates are both supporting the idea of a federal gas tax holiday summer. The reality is that such a proposal is precisely the wrong thing to do if we actually want to reduce oil consumption. Of course, if such a tax holiday were to be passed

Friedman naively fired up about ethanol

After a visit to Brazil, the world's only major ethanol exporter, Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign affairs columnist Thomas L. Friedman wrote a piece published in Friday's New York Times (Times Select subscription required) fully endorsing ethanol as a renewable alternative to gasoline.

GM addresses Friedman's editorial - Take two

Once again Steven J. Harris, General Motors' VP of Global Communications, has posted on the company's FastLane Blog a response to New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman's most recent op-ed piece on the giant automaker. And again, Harris takes Friedman to task by pointing out that HUMMER sales account for less than half of one percent of vehicle sales in the U.S., and that less than 7,000 H2s have been sold this year and only 138 H1s, the latter of which will be discontinued this month anyway.

Thomas Friedman of NYT talks back to GM

GM's war of words [1] [2] with Thomas Friedman of the New York Times continues, but this time it's Friedman's turn to talk. We were recently tipped off to the contents of a Friedman editorial dated for June 14th (today) that's locked inside the gated online community of NYtimes.com. We're hesitant to republish it in

GM takes Friedman from New York Times to task - CORRECTION

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote an op-ed piece on Wednesday that absolutely blasted General Motors for its "Fuel Price Protection Program" in which California and Florida customers are being reimbursed for the cost of gas above $1.99/gallon for one year. Some more colorful quotes from Friedman's article include, "Is there a company more dangerous to America's fut