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Bridgestone Eco-Rally 2010 – Click above to watch video after the break

With the current limitations (no pun intended) of battery-electric vehicles like the Th!nk City, one of the last places we'd expect to see one operating is as an ambulance. After all, when life is on the line, top speed and range suddenly become of paramount concern. On the other hand, our health is affected by the emissions of cars and trucks, so any way to reduce fuel consumption and pollution is a positive thing.

Having gone through the automotive equivalent of a near-death experience, we are happy to report that Th!nk is registering vital signs again and that the halted production of its sub-compact City is set to resume, sort of. The company is still on life support and the factory in Aurskog will be completing vehicles and making some parts for future cars rather than resuming a regular production schedule. The head of the "debt committee", Jo Rodin, said (in Google-translated English), "There will be

We were just mentioning the blossoming sales of electric cars in Norway and it appears that we have Arne Asphjell and his son Audun to thank for a small part of that. The two are behind an effort to establish electric taxis in the city of Trondheim and will incorporate theirs into the fleet of TrønderTaxi. Although we thought deliveries had begun some time ago, these are reportedly the first two Th!nk's to come off the line and were originally ordered three years ago.

The cheap price of gas may be hurting the sales of some electric vehicles (EVs) in America, but the same can not be said for Norway where gas is only down to $5.18 a gallon. Electric car sales have doubled in the past year, hitting an all-time high in November. As if to punctuate that feat, the opening days of December have seen Norwegian electric company Hafslund take delivery of 10 copies of the Kewet Buddy, bringing that car maker's numbers up to 190 for 2008.