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Think kicks off U.S. production of City electric vehicle

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Living On Electric Avenue Diary: Day One

Executives from Think dropped off the City car to my house in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I am excited. I'm taken for a walk around the little car, but I am immediately troubled: No back seat. The Think City is a two-seater,

Tiny island of Tershcelling gets fully electric ambulance from Th!nk

With the current limitations (no pun intended) of battery-electric vehicles like the Th!nk City, one of the last places we'd expect to see one operating is as an ambulance. After all, when life is on the line, top speed and range suddenly become of paramount concern. On the other hand, our health is affected by the emissions of cars and trucks, so any way to reduce fuel consumption and pollution is a posi

Think has an order backlog 2,300 vehicles long

Th!nk City - Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: New auto assembly plant to be announced this week... perhaps for Th!nk?

Financially struggling Norwegian EV maker Th!nk has been saying for some time that it wants to build some of its cars in in the United States. That announcement could come as soon as this week in Louisana. In a report published in Louisiana newspaper The News Star, factory owner Jim Davison will make an announcement on Wednesday of this week. Davison owns a factory that was formerly part of Guide, previously a General Motors lighting division.

Austrian government launches 100 unit EV test program with Th!nk

The Austrian government is the latest to jump into the electric vehicle testing field with a program called the Vlotte EV project. 100 electric vehicles will be operated in the first of several such programs around the country this year. This first test will be run in the Bregenz region in the western part of the country.

Th!nk saved by outside investors Ener1

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Th!nk bankruptcy/bailout drama continues in Norway

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Think may be saved by Stein Erik Hagen's double-or-nothing plan

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Think's request for help going unanswered, not all orders guaranteed to ship

We learned earlier today that Norwegian electric automaker Th!nk had requested a handout from the Norwegian government. We've now heard that the government is not likely to give the EV maker any money. According to a translation of a piece in the Norwegian news source Dagbladet by AutoblogGreen reader L

EDTA 2008: EnerDel's Th!nk City

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British PM Gordon Brown checks out the Th!nk city EV

British prime minister Gordon Brown received a visit on Monday from Richard Blundell, the managing director of Th!nk UK. Th!nk is the Norwegian manufacturer of electric city cars that was once owned by Ford. Th!nk brought out its city car so that Brown and Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon (now there's a name of a transport secretary!) could check it out along with some other EVs that were on hand (but so far remain unidentified). A high level meeting to discuss electric vehicles is under way at Do

EnerDel ramping up battery production to supply Th!nk

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Th!nk NEV tuner edition

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EnerDel update from chairman Charles Gassenheimer

We spoke with Ener1 Chairman Charles Gassenheimer back in December at the EVS23 expo and at the time he was quite bullish on his company's prospects for 2008. So far this year, there has been quite a bit of good news for the company. Ener1's li-ion battery subsidiary, EnerDel,

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