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At last year's Santa Monica Alt Car Expo, we discovered the chrome emblems from Third Planet Energy and one of our readers, GreyFlcn, had a little fun with the "greenness" of the words. A little snark didn't set TPE back any, and the company has not set up a bit of a presence on eBay, with a new eBay blog (there are blogs on eBay now?) and a dozen or so items, including the chrome emblems, for sale on the auction site. TPE also sells practical items, like fuel filters for all you DIY biodiesel m

Third Planet Energy's booth at the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo caught my eye. Which is exactly what the folks there intended. In fact, Third Planet Energy's whole goal is to allow you to catch other people's eyes, through the use of chrome emblems that will upgrade your car's back end to identify just what kind of powertrain you're running in that thing. All electric? VegOil? Hybrid? CNG? Biodiesel? All these emblems and more are available, as you can see in the gallery photos.