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Not long ago, we reported that BMW was awarded a prize for installing a thermoelectric generator at the exhaust pipe of a car. This device works under the Seebeck effect and generates electricity by the difference in temperatures. Although we can't use the generator to fill up our hybrid batteries, we can use one to produce about 30 percent of the electricity a car needs when running. A new prototype, shown at "Thermoelektrik - Eine Chance Für Die Atomobillindustrie?" meeting, generated abo

BMW has won an ÖkoGlobe award for the second straight year. The award was presented to the Bavarian automaker for its work on a thermoelectric generator. Um, what's that? Basically, using a process known as the Seebeck effect, electricity can be generated by a difference in temperatures. All right, fine... who cares? Under the hood of every car ever sold that has an internal combustion engine, a huge amount of heat is generated while the engine creates power to drive the vehicle. In fact, o