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I hopped on the Top Gear bandwagon a little late, having just finished devouring the past two seasons thanks to helpful websites like Finalgear.com. During this period of shows is when host Richard Hammond crashed a jet-powered dragster going 288 mph. Though he suffered significant injuries including head trauma, Hammond was back on the Top Gear set just four short months after the crash. He now admits that was "much too early."

Our favorite rodent host of Top Gear, Richard "The Hamster" Hammond, was involved in an on-track collision last Saturday during an endurance race at Silverstone behind the wheel of a BMW 330 DTi Sport. Hammond, of course, was almost killed last September when he lost control of a jet-powered dragster at 288 MPH. This time Hammond merely collided with a car that was trying to overtake him. Reportedly traveling around 100 MPH at the time, he was able to limp the BMW off the track and wait for a to

We just reported a couple of days ago that Richard Hammond is out of the hospital and starting his recuperation. Even better news today, we have a photo of the Hamster walking with his family. Amazingly, it looks like it could have been taken six weeks ago before the jet car crash that sent him to the hospital occurred. While we know he is not out of the woods just yet, it is very heartening to see him up and about like this. Despite the severity of the crash and the lingering potential for brai

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