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Although The Great Race has been postponed due to the recall of travel permits through China, the show will go on. According to the official website, "Great Race Sports owners, executives and participants are dedicated to honoring the history of this illustrious race." We think that the race, assuming it does take place, could gather a great deal of attention the world over. We've been keeping an eye on the race with posts on the E85-powered 1967 Aston Martin DB6 that will take part and other et

We got the email invite and it piqued our curiosity. Open house, good food, classic cars, live music...free...how could we say no to that? Like so many nondescript buildings around Southern California, the beige warehouse could have housed anything from a furniture restor shop to a surfboard shaper. There are literally thousands of these metal structures lining the streets in the industrial centers of virtually every city in the Southland. Heck, anywhere in America for that matter. This particul