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We took notice that a large portion (60!) of the electric cars in Copenhagen for the ongoing U.N. climate conference were of the Citroen C1 ev'ie variety and had a tiny panic attack. A certain test drive of this electric vehicle last summer had not proceeded, to put it mildly, especially well and had left questions about its durability up in the air. Had the Electric Car Corporation (ECC) smoothed out the technical wrinkles that had shown their conversion to be wanting and had left its tester wa

We've known for two months this day was coming, yet it's still something of a shock. Robert Farago, the one man wrecking crew of an editor-in-chief over at The Truth About Cars, has hung up his gloves. Why a shock? Love him or loathe him, Farago has been a mega-influence in the autoblogosphere (and, in auto journalism as a whole, it must be said) for nearly a decade. In many ways he's been the devil (or angel) on all of our shoulders reminding us not to enjoy that perfectly cooked, medium rare N

Robert Farago, the equal parts eloquent and bellicose editor of The Truth About Cars (TTAC) and former blogger for Autoblog and Jalopnik, will be leaving in 60 days. Details are just beginning to trickle in, but so far we know this: TTAC was recently purchased by a company called VerticalScope. Farago has been pushing for an increased editorial budget ever since TTAC's former owner (Name Media) slashed the editorial budget by 80% in late 2008 before eventually slashing it by 100% by March of thi

Modern cars are at their most fuel-efficient at 55 mph, and American politicians have used this speed limit to encourage fuel conservation in the past. But how do things look on the German Autobahn, the most famous stretch of public high speed road in the world?

The votes are in, the judges have, uh, judged and it's official: Democrats control the House.

Voting is open for The Truth About Cars' first ever Ten Worst Automobiles Today (or TWAT) award that we told you about earlier in the month. The initial list of more than 120 reader nominations contained predictable TWAT-eligible autos like GM's ancient minivans, uh, sorry, Crossover Sport Van, a couple of Saturns, several DaimlerChryslers, and a few Korean models. Some vehicles that were nominated but didn't make the list included highly-respected vehicles like the Toyota Camry, Pontiac Solstic

Over at the Truth About Cars site today Robert Farago dumps all over Bob Lutz and General Motors over their emphasis on fuel cells. Farago takes issue with Lutz's efforts to direct even more development resources toward fuel cells. The article goes on to discuss how GM has lost much of its technological development prowess. Where he makes his best points is discussing the fact that while GM is putting all it's eggs into the baskets of hydrogen and developing their own unique hybrid drive-train a

The Truth About Car (TTAC)'s "Death Watch" series, whose sole occupant was General Motors, now welcomes Ford Motor Co. into its billowing folds.

Robert Farago of TheTruthAboutCars.com (TTAC) has checked in with General Motors Death Watch 60, in which he discusses how General Motors' possible filing for bankruptcy would adversely affect the Ford Motor Company, as the two automakers utilize many of the same suppliers. After systematically discussing GM’s numerous problems (product, the UAW, leadership, etc.), Farago concludes bankruptcy would lead to the emergence of a leaner, more competitive GM... a co