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Don't look for Tanner Foust to be hanging around the Formula Drift circuit next year. The master of all things sideways has announced that he'll be taking a break from the action next season to focus on other exploits. Namely, those include Foust's television work and a greater involvement in Rallycross. Fans will remember that Foust has been campaigning heavily in Formula Drift for seven years now, and the venue helped make the man a household name – at least among the speed-obsessed of t

Top Gear America debuts on The History Channel on November 21 – Click above to watch video after the jump

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Put your skepticism aside, Top Gear fans. This is no drill. The History Channel will air the first ten episodes of an American version of everyone's favorite car show this Fall. As you may recall, NBC took the first crack at producing a colonized version of TG, complete with hosts Tanner Foust, Adam Carolla and Eric Stromer. For whatever reason, the project went to the dumpster, and we haven't heard word one until now.

Big news comes by way of Adam Carolla's CarCast today as it now appears that Top Gear USA is back on track. Instead of appearing on NBC, though, the show will apparently move to The History Channel. Exciting news indeed, especially for Carolla, who is apparently the only one of the three original cast members who was informed of the decision – what that means for the other two hosts remains to be seen.