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DIY Star Wars BB-8 droid hits the road in the Bay Area

YouTube user AydoSF built a BB-8 on to the back wheel of his car so the little droid could follow wherever they go.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Dodge Charger Beauty-Roll

No voice over. No host in your face. Nothing but the cars you want to see, in glorious high-definition video. Today's subject is the Star Wars Stormtrooper-themed Dodge Charger. Enjoy.

Stormtrooper Dodge Charger Episode II: Attack of the Scones

Watch as a Stormtrooper hits the drive-thru for a warm beverage and a morning snack.

Stormtrooper Dodge Charger Episode IV: A New Soap

Watch as we run a car through the wash while nerding out about Star Wars.

Stormtrooper Dodge Charger Episode V: The Empire Stops for Gas

Watch a pair of Stormtroopers drive a car that looks like their helmet to the gas station. They're people just like us.

Stormtrooper Dodge Charger Episode VII: The Charger Awakens

Watch a car dressed up like a movie prop helmet start and rev its 485-hp Hemi V8.

New drunk-driving ads will play before Star Wars at theaters

Safety Advocates Trying To Thwart Drunks Before Start Of Holiday Season

Forget the new Star Wars movie. The Force awakening today might be law enforcement. Federal officials announced a renewed attempt Thursday to crack down on drunk drivers throughout the holiday season.

Find these Star Wars-themed Dodge muscle cars near you

Help us, Hellcat – you're our only hope. Ahead of the premier of The Force Awakens, Dodge is touring LA in these Star Wars-themed muscle cars. And you can track their movements in real time via social media.