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There have been countless reports regarding global warming and its relation to greenhouse gases, but one recent British study in particular is getting more notoriety than most. The basic premise of the report isn't necessarily groundbreaking. It says that at our current rate of greenhouse gas emissions, climate change will have a severe impact on the global economy. It concludes that the cost for not only governments but also businesses and consumers would be significantly less if we were to tak

If we had an exact launch date for the official state-side introduction of the Smart ForTwo in 2008, you can be sure we'd be counting down the days one by one with a big fat, red marker. Needless to say, we're pretty excited, so any tidbits of new information immediately get flagged for discussion.

Lots of eyes are turning to Toyota these days as word gets around that they're poised to take the top automaker slot from GM over the next few years. With that specifically in mind, Paul Eisenstein from The Car Connection sat with Jim Lentz, executive vice president for Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) U.S.A., Inc., and chatted at the media presentation of the new Tundra.

A nice shopping guide of currently available hybrid vehicles can be found at TheCarConnection. While a few of the cars listed do promise (and deliver) fuel savings, the majority either promise and don’t deliver, or don’t even promise significantly improved fuel economy. The fuel economy of the Lexus RX400h barely exceeds the RX330’s, but the hybrid performs better. Does a performance-minded consumer really want a Lexus RX, and does he feel like paying an extra $7,500 for it? Th

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