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Th!nk UK managing director Richard Blundell said that their all-electric car could be put on sale in Australia without too much hassle. The reason? The Th!nk City, which Blundell pointed out is a real car and not a quadricycle (NEV), is designed to satisfy both EU and U. S. highway safety features and can be sold virtually anywhere. Then there are the business reasons: "Think will evaluate each market based on perceived and sustainable market demand, attractive urban center demographics and cond

Want one of the all-electric Th!nk City cars powered by a lithium-ion battery? You're one step closer today than yesterday thanks to an announcement by EnerDel, the battery division of Ener1, that it has delivered the first mechanical prototype of the lithium-ion battery pack to Th!nk for form and fit evaluation. Even though Th!nk Citys are popping up in Paris and London, the pack is being tested in a City that is at EnerDel's Indianapolis facility in a car that was delivered last week.

Many of you know Richard Hammond from the very popular and amusing show about all things automotive from Britain called Top Gear. Did you know that he is also a columnist for the UK tabloid The Mirror? Neither did I, but apparently that is indeed the case and has been since 2004. On Fridays he "gives his expert insight into the world of motoring, while on Saturday he gives his own irreverent take on the week's news," according to the Mirror's website.

The Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, has been touting the idea of an electric or hybrid car sharing program for the "city of lights" for some time now. Trouble was, he had an election to win before he could really claim a mandate to make it happen. Luckily for him and his socialist-leaning ways, the electorate have been quite unhappy in recent days with their right wing, wife dumping, model-marrying president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and to express themselves federally, they voted locally for mon

Episode 20 of the AutoblogGreen Podcast has us recapping Geneva mere days before we head to New York. There were lots of exciting things over in Switzerland, and we touch on a few of them. Th!nk's new Ox will be a Tesla-magnitude achievement if it hits the market doing what the company says it will. GM rolled out the new version of its mild hybrid system that will be propagating across virtually all models in all brands to help boost CAFE. Better efficiency for about half of what a sat nav optio

Just as I thought I was recovering from the shock of the new Th!nk Ox concept announcement, today's press release from GE made me feel like I was caught up in a Ronco commercial, "But wait, there's more!" No, GE is not getting into Super Bass o' Matics. It sights are set on no less than the "global electrification of transportation". Toward this noble and glorious end they have announced a $4 million investment in Th!nk Global.

Danny Fleet is a Londoner with an interest in electric cars. His attituce should come as no surprise given that EVs can avoid the city's congestion charge. Currently, Danny happens to drive one of the ever-popular G-Wiz quadricycles. Danny was lucky enough to be in the area when one of the new second-generation Th!nk city electric cars arrived fresh from the factory in Norway and he got to check it out as soon as they unloaded it from the truck. He recorded video of his tour and his first drive

Åslaug Haga is not only the Petroleum and Energy Minister in Norway, but she is also the chief of the ruling Center Party. As such, she is a powerful politician in a country known both for its progressiveness and a large oil industry. Perhaps it is only a little surprising then that her latest car purchase was a Th!nk electric vehicle. Not that a politician can't be an environmentalist. And indeed, during this election season, we here in America have been made well aware of the hybrid choi

Not sure if this qualifies as one of those "small step, giant leap" type of stories, but I do feel that yesterday marked an important milestone in the revived electric car market. That was the day when Norwegian electric car maker Th!nk's first EV minicar rolled off the production line in Norway. According to Automotive News Europe, these cars will soon undergo crash testing and Think Global CEO Jan-Olaf Willums said in a statement that, "This project is on time. We are building full production

Last spring, Tesla Motors founder Martin Eberhard and Th!ink CEO Jan-Olaf Willums announced a deal for Tesla to supply battery packs for the Norwegian electric cars. The silicon valley startup had created a new division dubbed the Tesla Energy Group to design and build lithium ion battery packs to other car-makers. The packs would be based on the technology they had developed internally for their own cars. Once new CEO Michael Marks came on board and it became clear that the Roadster's productio

Ener1Del has signed a deal with Think Global, the makers of the Th!nk city car, to become the supplier of choice for lithium-ion batteries. Under a development agreement between Ener1 and Think, Ener1 will deliver production prototypes to Think in March 2008 and pre-production parts (valued at $1.4 M) the following July. Once those milestones are reached, Ener1 expects $70 M in sales in 2008-2010 and, depending on growth from Think, Ener1 expects sales from the entire contract to be worth $200 M

Norwegian electric vehicle manufacturer Th!nk got some attention last spring when they announced a deal to buy lithium ion battery packs from Tesla Motors. It's now being reported that Th!nk is investigating other options for energy storage. They have apparently struck a deal with EnerDel for a supply of batteries and they are talking to A123 as well. Porsche is also helping out the Norwegians with quality assurance and logistics issues as they attempt to begin customer deliveries by March of 20

Electric carmaker Th!nk Global could be on the road to returning to the US market as soon as 2008. The second-generation Th!nk will begin production this fall at a plant in Norway and sales will begin at home. Once they ramp up, they will spread to the rest of Scandinavia followed by England, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the US. If demand warrants, the former Ford-owned company is looking to expand production to other countries, possibly the UK, US or others.

Since Ford decided to discard Norwegian electric vehicle manufacturer Think a few years ago the crew at the company has been working on a revival. They have developed a new second-generation model and recently inked a deal with Tesla Motors to purchase lithium ion battery packs from the Silicon Valley startup.

Yesterday we told you that Tesla Motors was establishing a group within the company to share their proprietary battery technology with other manufacturers. Tesla uses off-the-shelf lithium ion cells in their battery packs but everything else is unique including the packaging, thermal management and control software.