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Top Gear presenter, Richard Hammond plugs the Th!nk City

Many of you know Richard Hammond from the very popular and amusing show about all things automotive from Britain called Top Gear. Did you know that he is also a columnist for the UK tabloid The Mirror? Neither did I, but apparently that is indeed the case and has been since 2004. On Fridays he "gives his expert insight into the world of motoring, while on Saturday he gives his own irr

Paris Mayor promises electric car sharing. Gets re-elected.

The Mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, has been touting the idea of an electric or hybrid car sharing program for the "city of lights" for some time now. Trouble was, he had an election to win before he could really claim a mandate to make it happen. Luckily for him and his socialist-leaning ways, the electorate have been quite unhappy in recent days with their right wing, wife

GE sees the electric car light, invests in Th!nk and A123

Just as I thought I was recovering from the shock of the new Th!nk Ox concept announcement, today's press release from GE made me feel like I was caught up in a Ronco commercial, "But wait, t

Powerful politician buys her own electric car

Åslaug Haga is not only the Petroleum and Energy Minister in Norway, but she is also the chief of the ruling Center Party. As such, she is a powerful politician in a country known both for its progressiveness and a large oil industry. Perhaps it is only a little surprising then that her latest car purchase was a Th!nk electric vehicle