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While airlines and automakers struggle to minimize their losses as fuel prices keep climbing, at least one transportation company is thriving. French rail operator, SNCF, scored a profit of over $1.7 billion in 2007 and expects to do even better this year. SNCF operates the TGV trains that routinely travel at speeds up to 200 mph in commercial service. Unlike here in the US, rail companies in Europe and Asia have actually invested in the infrastructure and equipment to make train travel fast and

SNCF, the French rail company that operates the famous TGV trains, now has a new eco-comparator on their site. When you fill in your departure and arrival cities and dates, it does the usual search for available trains similar to what you get on sites like Orbitz.com or any airline website. The difference is that it also pulls up some flight and driving information and shows a table comparing costs, and trip times. It also shows the estimated carbon dioxide emissions that the user will generate