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Tesla drops 'Motors' from its name

You probably already just said Tesla anyway.

With the purchase of Solar City, along with the launch of Powerwall and the solar roof, Tesla is as much of an energy company as it is a car maker.

Tesla Motors Investigating Third Model S Fire

All three car fires were the result of collisions

Another Tesla Model S electric car has caught fire, this time after hitting road debris outside of Smyrna, Tennessee.

Tesla Stock Price Falls After Video Of Model S Fire Goes Viral

The fire raises questions about the safety of Tesla batteries

A fire that destroyed a Tesla electric car near Seattle began in the vehicle's battery pack, officials said Wednesday, creating challenges for firefighters who tried to put out the flames.

Tesla Outsells Ten Major Car Companies In California

Tesla Model S captures 12-percent of sports car market

In California, Tesla Motor Co. sold more Tesla Model S's in June than ten major auto manufacturers sold from their whole lineups.

Tesla makes it to NASDAQ's Clean Edge Green Energy Index; fuel cell companies drop off

What is the NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index? We had no idea it even existed until NASDAQ sent out a release today saying that electric car pioneer Tesla Motors had been added to it (along with smart grid company PowerSecure International and Vicor Corporation, which makes electric system components). Here's how NASDAQ

Report: Mercedes-Benz will build 500 A-Class E-Cells using Tesla batteries

The New York Times is reporting that Daimler has decided to proceed with production of a fleet of 500 Mercedes-Benz A-Class E-Cell vehicles early in 2011. Like the Smart ED, the battery packs and power electronics

Tesla Motors pays fine for lacking emissions Certificate of Conformity

Sometimes, technology moves faster than rules and regulations. For instance, in some parts of Kansas, shops must provide water troughs for horses. A more recently inanity is the requirement that electric vehicles receive an emissions "Certificate of Conformity" from the EPA to comply with the "Clean Air Act." And, while Kansan storekeepers have long been exc

Tesla to buy old resources from GM, Toyota for NUMMI plant

Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery

Motor Trend: Volt more significant than anything Tesla ever likely to build

By the time the ball drops in Times Square this New Year's Eve, chances are there will be more Chevrolet Volts on the road than Tesla Roadsters. Motor Trend Editor in Chief Angus MacKenzie writes in a new editorial that during the Tesla

2013 Tesla Model R rendered, maybe

Back in June, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk was out and about trying to convince investment bankers to buy the stock in his company at the initial offering price, one of the slides in his presentation deck showed some thumbnail images of the Model S and the currently planned follow-on models.

One stock analyst says Tesla will fail like internet groceries

Who remembers Webvan? Go ahead and raise your hands. Hmm, that's not a lot of hands. Well, Webvan was one of the biggest flameouts of the late-1990s dot-com bubble. After raising hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital and an initial public offering, it spent even more building warehouses and buying delivery trucks to take internet orders for groceries and deliver them to customers homes at the time of their choosing. Unfortunately, Webvan had management with no experience in the groc

Tesla employee plane crash update: family of deceased suing pilot, plane owner

In February, a tragic plane crash in East Palo Alto, CA killed three Tesla Motors employees: Doug Bourn, who was piloting the plane, Andrew Ingram and Brian Finn. This week, Ingram's family filed a lawsuit claiming that Bourn and the company that owned the Cessna 310, Air Unique Inc., were negligent in taking care of the plane and

J.P. Morgan analysts predict Tesla stock price could jump 30% by end of 2011

Himanshu Patel and Vivek Aalok are two people that you've likely never heard of, but you'll certainly become familiar with a report that they recently wrote for J.P. Morgan and here's why: Patel and Aalok wrote up a 38-page research study of Tesla Motors to determine the company's likelihood of success in the coming years. The report, written for current Tesl

Tesla says it does not depend on zero emission tax credit sales

Tesla Roadster 2.5 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Tesla reports second-quarter loss of $38.5 million

Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery

Tesla learning new rules as retail stores expand into more U.S. states

Any AutoblogGreen reader who lives by a Tesla Motors store – or goes near one on vacation – has probably set foot inside and experienced the high-tech, open sales boutique (oh, and the cars). While the eight stores currently open across the U.S. do a fine job of showing off the Roadsters, the road to getting them in place hasn't always been an easy one to pave.

Video: Elon Musk chats it up on The Colbert Report

Elon Musk on The Colbert Report – Click above to watch the video after the jump

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