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All three car fires were the result of collisions

Another Tesla Model S electric car has caught fire, this time after hitting road debris outside of Smyrna, Tennessee.

The fire raises questions about the safety of Tesla batteries

A fire that destroyed a Tesla electric car near Seattle began in the vehicle's battery pack, officials said Wednesday, creating challenges for firefighters who tried to put out the flames.

Tesla Model S captures 12-percent of sports car market

In California, Tesla Motor Co. sold more Tesla Model S's in June than ten major auto manufacturers sold from their whole lineups.

Tesla stock soaring on hype and news

Consumer Reports adores the Tesla Model S -- but they still won't put it on their recommended list.

Electric car entrepreneur and rocket man wants to bypass car dealers

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has turned a profit on selling luxury electric vehicles and his rocket company sent the first private payload to the International Space Station.

Have they found a winning recipe for the business of electric vehicles?

It apparently is not an April Fool's gag. Tesla Motors, the start-up, electric-car company is finally profitable.

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