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In the early 1970s, after Lotus stopped building their iconic Seven, they sold the tooling to a small British company called Caterham who continues to build variants of the Seven to this day. In addition, lots of kit car builders sprung up making copies of the Seven, many of which have fallen by the wayside. One of the best known and more successful was Westfield. This week at a conference on Hybrid vehicles at the University of Warwick, near Birmingham, England they will be announcing a partner

Looks like Tesla Motors chief Martin Eberhard has got fighting words for all you hybrid fans out there. Eberhard was nothing but nice to me at the unveiling of the Tesla Roadster in July, but maybe that's because I didn't show up in a Prius. Eberhard told hybrid owners (via the New York Times) that, "You can drive around and feel smug in a hybrid car. But you're still burning oil, dude. If we want to become independent of countries that hate us, we need to stop using oil altogether."