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Sometimes you have to see the upside when something bad happens: this is what engineers from Tesla must have realized because they have gotten their hands on the Tesla roadster that got wrecked in southern France. According to VP Darryl Siry, the car has been shipped to Hethel, England, where the Lotus factory is located. A group of engineers will check how every piece of the car that suffered in the accident. According to Mr. Siry, "The safety systems worked exactly as engineered," although the

Well, we have good news and bad news. The bad news is that a Tesla Roadster, number six it seems, has been crashed in San Francisco. The good news is that the machine is likely not totaled and its battery pack is undamaged. So, the owner of the car hopefully won't need to go too long without his black beauty. According to eye-witnesses at the scene, the Roadster went rather unnoticed due to its silent operation, which may (or may not, who knows?) have contributed to the accident. This is the fir