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Over at Martin Eberhard's new soapbox, the TeslaFounders blog, he giveth and taketh away. First with the latter. When we first checked in with Martin a couple of weeks ago, he was writing about what he described as a Stealth Bloodbath. That post has since been redacted although it can be found in that fount of knowledge known as the Google cache. It just goes to show yet again that once something gets out on the world wild web, no matter how many lawyers you sick on it, it's unlikely to ever tru

When Tesla founder Martin Eberhard left the company recently, he announced he would soon be starting a blog where he would talk about what's going on. Well TeslaFounders.com went live earlier this week and if the latest post from Martin is any indication there are some very unhappy people who were formerly employed at the Silicon Valley start-up. At the blog and also over at the TeslaMotorsClub discussion forums there is plenty of discussion and stories from some of the people who have been let