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Birthing a car is always difficult, and Tesla has seen its share of problems. The biggest hurdle to getting its all-EV Roadsters in customers' garages has been the transmission. Initially the company wanted to have a two-speed unit, but the unit from its first supplier, X-Trac, wasn't durable enough. Tesla then contracted Magna to help build a tranny, before a final try at designing its own transmission also ended abortively. In the end, to get cars rolling out the door, changes were made to the

By now we are all aware of the sad saga of Tesla Motors and their quest for a reliable two-speed transmission for the battery powered Roadster. After failing to get the necessary durability from the original gearbox supplied by X-Trac, Tesla turned to Magna to try and create a new unit. That obviously didn't work out any better, so they tried to design their own before giving up and revising the motor instead and going to a single speed transmission. Unfortunately Magna apparently didn't take th

Tesla held a town hall meeting last week to give its customers the skinny on how development of the all-electric Tesla Roadster is progressing. As we reported, an attendee revealed that since development of the transmission was holding up the works, Tesla was considering delivering cars to its customers with a temporary transmission that to be replaced with the proper gearbox after it had been developed to spec. It turns out that there were a few important details omitted from this report that T