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Tesla shares hit record high, close to Musk's $420 take-private offer

Tesla's market capitalization of $74 billion is way higher than Ford or GM

The recent run-up is a stunning turnaround for the shares, triggered by a rare quarterly profit in October, news of production ramp-up in its China factory and upbeat early deposits for its recently launched electric pickup truck. Tesla's shares were up 2.2% at $413 on Friday, trading 46% higher than Wall Street's current median price target.

Tesla's Elon Musk made $1.1 billion yesterday, how about you?

Thanks to skyrocketing share prices, yesterday was a very big payday for Tesla founder Elon Musk. The already wealthy businessman added another $1.1 billion, ten percent of his net worth, to his overflowing wallet yesterday after Tesla's shares hit $248. This time last year, TSLA w

Tesla rockets to $259 a share on Morgan Stanley, Consumer Reports announcements [w/video]

Remember way back when we mentioned that Tesla's Gigafactory for batteries might prove to be a good investment opportunity, with its potential to bring cell prices down to a level that could make the forthcoming Tesla Model E affordable, not to mention attractive for massive amounts of renewable energy storage? Well, today the a

Tesla stock trips 'circuit breaker' after sudden share price drop [w/video]

Despite beating most analysts estimates in yesterday's upbeat third quarter financial disclosure, Tesla Motors' (TSLA) share price has taken a significant tumble. Down about 10 percent overnight, the company continued to be devalued as the day wore on, at one point hitting a low of $146.84.

Tesla shares skyrocket on Morgan Stanley's "overweight" rating

Throughout the morning and into the early afternoon hours, shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) skyrocketed after Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jones upgraded the automaker's rating from "equal weight" to "overweight." Jones, in what almost