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Tesla referral program offers chance to drive The Boring Company's tunneling machine

"Secret Level 2" unlocks after 10 referrals.

What will Secret Level 3 bring?

Tesla updates Referral Program, adds Annual Awards

Owners can win cars, vacations, and tickets to Tesla events.

Tesla is giving away Ludicrous P100D EVs, tickets to its Model 3 delivery event, a Powerwall 2, and more.

Tesla quietly trying to juice sales, without traditional ads

Tesla tries another round of referrals, and Chinese customers can get no-interest loans.

Tesla has re-booted it referral program for the third time. Is also offering no-interest loans in China to boost demand.

Tesla referral program ends, new one begins

Tesla Ludicrous Model S P90D Up For Grabs

Tesla has started up a new referral program, just as its previous one ends. Top prize? A Ludicrous Model S P90D.

Tesla expands $2,000 referral bonus program

Tesla is taking the possible rewards for its referral incentive even further. Now, there's no longer a limit of 10 recommendations, and the person with the most by October 31 gets a free Model S P90D with Ludicrous after trading in their current Model S.

California auto dealers cry foul on Tesla's referral program

As happened in Virginia, California auto dealers have asked the state DMV to crack down on Tesla's referral program, citing a state law banning unlicensed dealers.

Meet the Norwegian who just earned a free Tesla Model X

Bjorn Nyland Is The First Of Three Model X Winners

Norwegian Bjorn Nyland is the first European region winner of Tesla's Model S referral program, and will get a Founder's Edition Model X for free.

Yes, Virginia, Tesla's $1,000 referral bonus is against the rules

Tesla Alters Its New Incentive Program In Virginia

Tesla's $2,000 incentive program makes state officials none too happy, so automaker tweaks it.

Tesla's first incentive is a $1,000 Model S referral [UPDATE]

New Buyer And Friend Can Each Get $1,000 Off A Tesla Purchase

Tesla Motors has announced a new $1,000 referral bonus for current Model S drivers who talk their friends into buying one.

Tesla launches customer referral program to spur Roadster sales

Tesla Roadster - Click above for high-res image gallery