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Elon Musk promises to power up South Australia in 100 days

100 megawatt-hour setup in 100 days, or it's free, he says.

Musk probably doesn't want to see Australia turned into a Mad Max scene.

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Tesla Drops ‘Motors’ From Their Name | Autoblog Minute

Tesla Motors will no longer include ‘Motors’ in their name as they become more than just an automaker company.

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Tesla’s Powerwall 2 and Solar Roof Unveiled | Autoblog Minute

Elon Musk unveiled Tesla’s new Powerwall 2 and Solar Roof at Universal Studios in LA.

Tesla is installing the world's largest lithium-ion power storage system

The electricity storage system will help handle increased power demand after a leaking natural gas facility was shut down.

Tesla cancels 10-kW Powerwall, leaving only 7-kWh model

You can still string two or more 7-kWh models together for bigger capacity.

Without making a big deal out of it, Tesla has discontinued the 10-kWh Powerwall. Now, it's 7 kWh or nothing.