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Plus Ford's new train station, Chevy's new Blazer and Tesla's big pickup

Plus Ford's new train station and Tesla's big pickup.


360-degree cameras, auto leveling suspension

The truck should be expected some time after 2019.


Both would presumably follow the electric semi and next-gen Roadster.

Musk hinted the new truck might be bigger than an F-150 'to account for a really gamechanging feature.'


Tesla surprises everyone with drawings of a Tesla pickup truck that looks like a mini Tesla semi.


It combines Tesla's sleek design language with classic pickup machismo

It looks functional, yet still sporty.


Reveal coming in September, he says.

The power of a tweet: Stock jumped $8 a share.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in Texas this week, fighting for his company's right to sell electric cars directly to consumers. He also hinted that Tesla might have big plans for Texas, if this one little law just goes his way.