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But The Company Still Can't Legally Sell Cars In The State

The former Riviera Tool Company has officially reopened its doors as Tesla Michigan, after being being acquired by the electric vehicle manufacturer earlier this year.

What will the State of Michigan get out of Tesla's new Michigan Technical Center in Rochester Hills? According to Governor Jennifer Granholm, the $47.7 million facility will create 76 new jobs. For these jobs, what did the state and other local governments need to give up? First, a state tax credit worth $602,000 over three years, along with a Rochester Hills city incentive package worth $14,500. The city package is made up of a job fair for the company, a three-year abatement of the company's p

While it's not a surprise, the good news is that Tesla Motors is now officially in business in Michigan. Their hot-off-the-wires press release (it's dated tomorrow, but says "For Immediate Release," so it's available to you after the jump) describes the new 19,240 square-foot Michigan Technical Center in Rochester Hills. This center is where work on the new all-electric sports sedan, code named WhiteStar, will take place.