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Breaking News: Electric cars can be fast

Tesla Roadster - Click above to for high-res gallery

A first-hand account: Drag racing the Tesla Roadster

The man behind the wheel of the bright orange Tesla that was spotted at Infineon Raceway whilst it was setting an impressively quick 12.7 second quarter-mile time has written about the event. As you might imagine, Iain Morrison, a Test and Validation Engineer at the fledgling

More on the Tesla Roadster's public drag racing debut

With all the bad news around Tesla lately, you might want to hear something positive for a change. We told you last week about a Roadster heading out to the Wednesday night drags at Infineon Raceway. The orange Roadster recorded a pretty respectable elapsed time of 12.757 seconds over the qu

Tesla Roadster runs quarter-mile in 12.7 seconds

Just how quick is the Tesla Roadster now that it's been blessed with version 1.5 of its drivetrain? Pretty dang quick, as a recent 12.7-second blast down the quarter-mile will attest. The first powertrain that was installed in the electri