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Martin Eberhard: Blogs built the Tesla Roadster

Martin Eberhard has obviously been busy these last few weeks. With a lawsuit currently pending in court against Tesla Motors and its CEO Elon Musk, Eberhard has apparently still had enough time to write an interesting article on the effects of blogging and how it helped build the Tesla Roadster. Specifically, Martin is referring to Tesla's official blog, the first post of which Eberhard wrote shortly after the Roadster'

Editorial: Tesla = GM, Toyota? Tesla > Phoenix Motorcars?

As my fellow blogger Sam pointed out recently, Darryl Siry, Vice President of Marketing for Tesla Motors, recently wrote on their site's blog that "The Media Need to Toughen Up on the Subject of EVs". This is true on many levels, and it could be argued that the media needs to toughen up when it comes

Tesla's Martin Eberhard wraps up the Detroit Auto Show

Over on the official Tesla Motors blog, CEO Martin Eberhard has a new blog post where he summarizes his impressions of the Detroit Auto Show. Eberhard noticed that lithium ion batteries seemed to be everywhere this year, in spite of the fact that not so long ago, most car-makers said that LiIon may not be right for cars.

Tesla marketing VP has a blog

I was in contact with new VP of Marketing for Tesla Motors, Darryl Siry over the weekend and found out that he is apparently quite an automotive enthusiast. Darryl documents some of car passion online at his blog called Horseless Age. If you want to keep up with some of the developments at his employer, go check out the corporate blog at the Tesla Motors site. The corporate site has articles discussing some of the companies design decisions and als