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Michigan owns Tesla shares, still says direct sales are illegal

Total state investment in Tesla? $72M. In Ford and GM? $31M.

Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

Tesla's huge new San Francisco store once housed a Chevy dealer

Tesla's new facility opens to the public Friday on Auto Row.

The location is on the famed, but faded, Auto Row.

BMW hints at long wait for Tesla Model 3 in new ad

Tesla's not mentioned, but the ad shows what appears to be a Supercharger.

Sometimes, you don't need to say the thing you want you say.

Tesla lost $293M last quarter, says 80k deliveries will happen this year

It's now on the low end of previous estimates, but the delivery schedule stands.

This is Tesla's 13th straight quarterly loss.

Tesla, SolarCity become one with $2.6 billion all-stock deal

SolarCity stockholders will get 0.110 Tesla common shares for each of their SolarCity shares.

If you owned SolarCity stock yesterday, you own Tesla stock today.

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Tesla employees voiced concerns during Autopilot development

But what if no-one listens?

Only to be dismissed by CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla preps for Gigafactory grand opening in Nevada tonight

Tesla's first battery packs from the plant will be for energy storage, then for vehicles.

So much news, and the event hasn't even happened yet.

Michigan Tesla owners now giving out test drives

Want to break the law without breaking the law?

A grassroots group is offering Tesla test drives in protest of Michigan's direct-sales ban.

Tesla supplier will recycle Flint water bottles into car parts

C3 Ventures wants to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

An unlikely solution presents itself to the massive piles of trash generated by the Flint Water Crisis.

Tesla boosts Superchargers to 145 kW, backs 'fastest' claim

UK group verifies Tesla's claim that its chargers supply the most power.

The information came out as part of a legal fight in the UK.

Tesla is developing heavy trucks and urban public transit

That's not all. Tesla's new master plan also covers solar energy and car sharing.

Tesla doesn't want to build more affordable EVs; it wants to haul commuters and cargo.

Tesla drops 'Motors' from its web address

New domain name could signal a pending name change for the EV company.

The big question: does this mean anything?

Tesla maintains faith in radar, camera Autopilot setup

Musk again takes to Twitter to defend Tesla's technology approach.

Tesla's Elon Musk stands by his Autopilot tech on Twitter.

Europe keeping an eye on Tesla's Autopilot problems, too

Everyone's interested all of a sudden.

The Germans say they wouldn't have approved Autopilot since it's labeled a 'beta' product.

US Senate asks Tesla CEO to come chat about Autopilot

Mr. Tesla goes to Washington.

US Senator John Thune wants some answers from Tesla CEO Elon Musk about that fancy Autopilot thing.

Consumer Reports wants Tesla to change Autopilot name, function

Just saying it's 'beta' isn't good enough, CR says.

The publication has called on Tesla to remove Autosteer and relabel Autopilot in the wake of the recent accidents.

Tesla ends Resale Value Guarantee program

Things changed July 1.

Tesla's Resale Value Guarantee program ended July 1, 2016. The program gave customers a buyback price for their new Model S after 36 months.

Tesla's reported Autopilot 2.0 will face new goalposts for 'smart'

New sensor suite might also be around the corner.

What we know, or think we know, about the next version of Tesla's Autopilot.

NextEV chief Martin Leach praises Tesla Motors, sort of

NextEV electric supercar may start sales by the end of the year.

NextEV's Leach calls Tesla the equivalent of automaking 2.0, then says his company will be 3.0.

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