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Tesla owner tells tale of Tennessee CarBQ incident

Sometimes cars go up in flames. It happens surprisingly often and for many different reasons. In 2011 alone, there were 187,500 vehicle fires reported in the US. It's not usually a big deal.

Third Tesla fire is a Tennessee CarBQ

It's been a pretty hot year for Tesla. Car of the Year awards, crazy stock price rise, and lots of media attention. Now, though, it may be getting a li

Tesla confirms Model S driver in Mexico fire unhurt, 'does everything right' in a crisis

We were able to contact the driver quickly and are pleased that he is safe. This was a significant accident where the car was traveling at such a high speed that it smashed through a concrete wall and then hit a large tree, yet the driver walked away from the car with no permanent injury.

Second Tesla Model S fire caught on video after Mexico crash

Let's start this post the same way we did when we mentioned the news of the first Tesla Model S fire earlier this month: there are hundreds of thousands of vehicles fires around the world every year. But, whenever an electric vehicle goes up in flames – no matter what the cause – the incident is almost always conflated into a bigger story about EVs and their long-te

Feds decide against investigating Tesla Model S fire

Despite earlier reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has announced it will not be filing a formal investigation into the fire that engulfed a Tesla Model S earlier this month, as the agency says Brandon Turkus

Tesla Model S fire subject of unofficial NHTSA investigation

It looks like the feds are going to finally look into that Tesla Model S car-b-que near Seattle. Earlier this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it may start an investigation into why that metal object that struck a Model S in Kent, Washington (about 20 miles south of Seattle) Danny King

Has Tesla's fire chilled the battery car market?

The nascent battery-car market just might be short-circuiting.

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Tesla says Model S fire triggered by 'highly uncommon occurrence' [w/video]

By now, you've seen the Tesla headlines, read the reports that its stock dropped (it's now bounced back somewhat), and maybe even discussed the Model S fire with friends and coworkers. But there is now some more official information to share. Yesterday, in addi

Tesla says Model S fire started in battery pack; share prices falling

Yesterday's fire that engulfed a Tesla Model S, the first blaze involving the critically acclaimed electric sedan, was caused when a piece of road debris impacted the front of the car, damaging the battery pack and starting a fire, according to an email sent to AutoblogGreen by Tesla. Now, The New York Times h

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