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Trailer-load of Teslas burns in Nevada

Cause is yet undetermined, but Tesla says its cars weren't responsible

Tesla says single battery module caused car fire in Shanghai

No systemic problem, automaker says, though it pushes out a software update

No systemic problem, automaker says, though it pushes out a software update.

Tesla updates battery software after car fires in China and Hong Kong

The over-the-air update applies to Model S sedan and Model X crossover

The over-the-air update applies to Model S sedan and Model X crossover.

Tesla crash may have triggered battery fire, Swiss firefighters say

Meanwhile, WSJ says tech for detecting Autopilot abuse was rejected

Swiss firefighters said on Monday that the impact in a fatal accident involving a Tesla electric car may have set off a fire in the vehicle's battery.

A list of Tesla car fires since 2013

Fatal Florida crash is the latest

Electric carmaker Tesla has seen a number of its vehicles catch fire in the past five years. The latest fire involves a 2014 Tesla Model S immediately igniting after a high-speed crash. Two teenagers died. Here is a list of known incidents of Tesla vehicles catching fire since 2013:

Tesla Model S catches fire in France during test drive

Full details are not yet known.

This story will be updated as more details come in.

Tesla Model S fire not caused by Supercharger, investigators say

But The Exact Cause Has Not Been Determined

Tesla and Norwegian authorities have found that a Supercharger was not the cause of a recent Model S fire. As for what did spark the blaze, no answer.

Driver of stolen Tesla involved in fiery crash dies

On July 4, someone reportedly stole a Tesla Model S from a Tesla store in Los Angeles and, after driving it at speeds over 100 miles per hour, crashed into a light pole, splitting the car in two, causing a fire and severely damaging other cars and injuring their occupants. The fact that the driver survived the fiery wreck was Sebastian Blanco

Questions surround fiery Tesla Model S crash in Los Angeles

Tesla, Police Investigating

Automobiles can be dangerous objects, especially when moving at highway speeds. The July 4th holiday in the US, which took place this past weekend, is often an extra-dangerous time on America's roads, with an average of 127 deaths from car crashes in recent years. This year, there were at least two

Man steals, crashes, catches on fire and breaks in half Tesla Model S

Multiple injuries were reported in a dangerous high-speed crash involving a Tesla Model S this holiday weekend in Los Angeles. The EV was apparently stolen from a local Tesla store and was driven at triple-digit speeds through LA a little before 1 am, a sergeant Campbell from the Los Angeles Police Department's Pacific

Tesla investigating the cause of Model S garage fire in Toronto

A Tesla owner in Toronto returned from a drive only to have his fire alarms go off shortly after powering down his Model S in an incident that is once again raising concerns about the electric hatchback's safety. Where previous cases of Model S combustion were anything but spontaneous –the car was always involved in an impact before goi

Tesla sending free replacement wall charger adapters after garage fire [UPDATE]

Tesla Motors is about to mail off a lot of packages. The California-based electric vehicle manufacturer is going to send out re

Tesla: Garage fire not caused by Model S, battery

Fire investigators don't think the latest fire involving a Tesla Model S can be counted as "Battery Fire No. 4." Their initial findings say the incident, which happened in a Southern California garage last month, was not caused by the car.

German agency says Tesla Model S EV is safe, 'no further measures' needed

Sales of the Tesla Model S haven't been very good in Germany, but a thumbs-up safety rating by the German government might help. The Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA, known as the German Federal Motor Transport Authority in English) did not find any defects in the Model S and says that no further safety investigations are necessary.

Tesla asks feds to investigate Model S fires, amends warranty to cover fire damage

As of the last official count, there are 19,000 Tesla Model S sedans on US roads. Three of those, as has been widely reported, have caught on fire after significant accidents. That means one in about 6,333 Model S sedans has caught fire, and none of those fires led to any injuries. By way of contrast, there were 172,500 gasoline-car fires in the States last year, which, according to the Jeremy Korzeniewski

George Clooney fell out of love with his Tesla Roadster

George Clooney can help a brand. He also has the potential to hurt a brand, says a commentator on Bloomberg TV's Weird Wall Street show. While Tesla Motors and its stock price are facing a lot of scrutiny right now after the Jon LeSage

Three Tesla workers injured in incident at Fremont factory

Three workers at the Tesla Motors factory in Fremont, CA, were injured today by hot metal after the failure of a low-pressure aluminum coating casting press. Despite reports of a possible fire, we have confirmed that there was no fire at the plant (a Domenick Yoney

Is the Tesla Model S a fire trap? Nope

The recent timing of events has been off for Tesla Motors. Three fires in three Model S EVs within six weeks looks pretty bad. But how do these separate events stack up against all the other cars on American roads?

Musk says Tesla 'definitely' won't recall Model S

Since early October, three Tesla Model S sedans have caught on fire, gained viral media coverage and received intense scrutiny, but Tesla's CEO and largest shareholder, Elon Musk, says "there's definitely not going to be a recall" of the Model S, Bloomberg reports. A

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