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British insurer Direct Line offers Tesla Autopilot discount

Tesla crash rates have decreased 40 percent since Autopilot's introduction.

Customers with Autopilot can save five percent on insurance premiums.

Tesla driver in fatal 'Autopilot' crash got numerous warnings

During a 37-minute drive, his hands were on the wheel for 25 seconds.

Tesla releases the 8.1 update, speeds up Autosteer

80 mph Autosteer requires camera calibration to work.

Tesla driver blames Autopilot for barrier crash

Caught by a dashcam, the blame might not lie with the system.

Perhaps, the driver should have taken over in time.

Tesla sues former employee for stealing Autopilot information

He allegedly worked with the former head of Google's self-driving car.

The lawsuit says they there was an attempt to lure away Tesla employees.

Video evidence of Tesla Autopilot anticipating a crash two cars ahead

Dashcam footage shows the Tesla stopping in time to avoid a big wreck. It may or may not be proof of the system's new capabilities.

Tesla Autopilot update makes car obey speed limits off the freeway

With the new update, when the Autopilot is set on roads other than the freeway, you can't engage the system at speeds higher than the speed limit.

Tesla runs a survey to prove the "Autopilot" name is not misleading

Tesla to German government: thbbft!

The company revealed the results in a two-sentence statement to the German governement.

Tesla's Autopilot facing new criticism at home and abroad

Will Tesla be forced to rename its semi-autonomous technology?

California and Germany have some issues with Autopilot.

This is what happens when you ignore Tesla Autopilot warnings

Ignore the nags and lose the function.

If you ignore the Autopilot warnings, you go to time out.

Tesla quietly increases the cost of Autopilot during P100D hoopla

Does it really matter?

There doesn't seem to be any new hardware associated with Autopilot 2.0.

Tesla clarifies Autopilot on Chinese website following crash

The feature is now referred to as "self-assisted driving" rather than "Autopilot" or "self-driving."

Researchers trick Tesla Model S Autopilot

It could be dangerous... if you have access to a $90,000 signal generator.

Researchers in South Carolina and China teamed up to fool the radar and ultra-sonic sensors in a Tesla Model S' Autopilot system. But it wasn't easy.

NADA calls for mandatory autonomous vehicle safety inspections

Regular checkups would emulate what the aviation industry has in place.

Tesla AutoPilot crash hasn't hurt perception of self-driving cars

Is it still true that there's no such thing as bad publicity?

Joshua Brown's fatality at the wheel of a Tesla Model S didn't have a big impact on the public's perception of autonomous driving technology.

Consumer Reports wants Tesla to change Autopilot name, function

Just saying it's 'beta' isn't good enough, CR says.

The publication has called on Tesla to remove Autosteer and relabel Autopilot in the wake of the recent accidents.

Police can't confirm DVD was playing in fatal Tesla crash

Police found both devices in the wrecked EV, but don't know if Joshua Brown was using them.

A spokesperson with the Florida Highway Patrol disputed reports that Tesla Model S driver Joshua Brown was watching a movie at the time of his fatal crash.

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