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Connaught not only makes whopping hybrid sport coupés (due for production later this year) but they have also developed a retro-fit hybrid technology that can be installed in current vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions, called HYBRID+

Tesco is shaping up to be known more for its environmental efforts than the products sold at its retail stores. This week Tesco.com and Modec announced that will be the first firm in the UK to operate a fleet of electric delivery vans. The EVs operate from Tesco's brand new Tesco Extra environmental store in Shrewsbury.

Supermarket giant Tesco says the company will start providing public information about the carbon footprint of the products on its shelves. The company's boss, Sir Terry Leahy, says the move is part of the company's overall plan to reduce its carbon footprint. And he expects that when consumers are given the information, they will will make "greener choices." He already notes changes in consumer behavior as packaging give more nutritional information.