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AFVI Show: Luncheon speech by Lives per Gallon author Terry Tamminen

The joke with which Terry Tamminen started his Monday luncheon speech was eerily similar to his talk in Santa Monica last December – although the names were changed (you can compare the audio clip below with our recording of December's event here). Tamminen is an effective public speaker, though, and I didn't mind sitting through another one of his talks.

Tamminen and Grist, Part Deux

Terry Tamminen got beat up pretty bad following an expanded interview with David Roberts of Grist. AutoblogGreen readers also responded to Tamminen's views on hydrogen. Anyway, Roberts offered Tamminen a forum to respond to the comments. Tamminen didn't respond poi

Terry Tamminen gets passionate about hydrogen

David Roberts of the Grist blogs interviewed Terry Tamminen, former secretary of the California EPA and author of "Lives per Gallon: the True Cost of Our Oil Addiction." An abridged version ran on the Grist Web site some time ago, but now Roberts has expanded the Q&A transcript and covers specific subjects. The interview became quite spirited when the topic turned to hydrogen, batteries and electric vehicles. Tamminen is a strong proponent of hydrogen, as is his former boss, governor Arnold

Ecorazzi visits the Living with Ed premiere

Ed Begley Jr. is a frequent name here on AutoblogGreen, some of his presence is because he's never shy to promote his new reality show Living With Ed, which will finally get its debut on January 1. If you're waiting to see how a Hollywood celebrity makes toast using power generated from a stationary bicycle, this is the show for you.

Alt Car Expo: Ed Begley and Terry Tamminen on Ending our Addiction to Oil Now

At the Alt Car Expo on Saturday, Ed Begley, wearing a "Living with Ed" t-shirt and proudly promoting his upcoming show, introduced his friend Terry Tamminen. Tamminen was the keynote speaker on Saturday, and his talk, "End our Addiction to Oil Now," was based off of information in his book, Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction. Tamminen's talk was obviously refined through what must have been plenty of previous presentations, but it was no less powerful for it.