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Here's a tip for Terry Tamminen: retire the joke already. You know, the one about Arnold Schwarzenegger and whoever just introduced you as a speaker, how they were pumping iron together back in the day? We heard it about Ed Begley at the 2006 Alt Car Expo and then again at AFVI in 2007. When Tamminen told it again at this year's Alt Car Expo (listen to the audio clip below), I started to worry that he might not have anything new to say at all. But, while Tamminen is still a strong supporter of h

The audio of Tamminen's speech from last year's Alt Car Expo was quite popular with our readers, and I expect his words from this year's Santa Monica Alt Car Expo will have the same impact. Why? Because Tamminen is a good public speaker with a solid message. Sure, sometimes he repeats his jokes, but what do you expect from a guy who has an audience in front of him so often?

It's not only the A-listers (Brad Pitt, Jay Leno and Will Ferrell) that BMW is milking for some Hydrogen 7 publicity. The automaker has given the author of Lives Per Gallon (and strong hydrogen advocate) Terry Tamminen a BMW Hydrogen 7 to drive on public roads for a while. From the announcement (pasted after the jump), it seems that Tamminen will get the car for a longer time than the big celebs did. And, hey, look, his Hydrogen 7 is a black one, not silver like all the others we've seen.