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How much carbon does the fleet of vehicles over at KickingTires spew? For starters, about 26 tons. That's at least what the Cars.com team has decided is the right amount of Terrapass carbon offsets to buy for the fleet, and senior editor Dave Thomas said that this initial purchase will be reviewed as the cars' emissions are more accurately rated in the coming months. He told AutoblogGreen that he expects he'll need to buy more to round out the year, but for now, at least, when Cars.com reviews a

Earlier this year, TerraPass sold its 100,000th sticker. The momentum to offset a vehicle's carbon emissions continues, and you can now participate in the program even if you're not in your car

In Robbinsville, New Jersey, the Professional Fire Fighters Local 3786 has see the light. Used to fighting fires around town, the fire fighters have gone green to help fight global warming. Compact florescent light bulbs and and other energy saving measures were implemented at the firehouse, but the big red firetruck got an upgrade as well. Two of the fire fighters' front line emergency response vehicles, one ambulance and one large fire truck, now sport TerraPass stickers signifying that the ca

It's a minor change, but over at TerraPass, the carbon-offset-powers-that-be have added a comparison bar to the online emissions calculator. Now, when you input information to figure out how much your indulgence TerraPass CO2 offset sticker will cost you, you'll also see a yellow bar that compares your annual emissions with the average U.S. car. The blog entry that announces this addition also asks us for our input on the change. I like it, but would be very interested in seeing a bar that repre

If I can't buy a hybrid or get an EV for 'round town needs, then perhaps a carbon offset sticker is the right move. That's what at least 100,000 people have decided, according to the leading consumer/driver carbon offset vendor, TerraPass. Earlier this month, TerraPass sold its 100,000th TerraPass to one Heraldo Botelho of Palo Alto, CA. It was Botelho's first TerraPass and it offset a flight he took to visit his family. Like so many other TerraPassers, he said he wanted to do something for the

Adam Stern, writing over at TerraPass, has been describing his trials and tribulations as he shifts to being a more regular bicycle commuter. The other day, he wrote how his increased pedal miles have reduced his insurance dollars. Obviously, his story isn't completely transferable to everyone, but if you get your car insurance from GEICO and like to bike, have hope.

As always, we need to at least put on our slightly skeptical hat when we get survey results about a group released by that group. Keeping that small caveat in mind, it appears that people who are part of the TerraPass community are not doing so because they want a green ticket excuse for their extravagant lifestyles. Instead, hey, they care.

Car sharing service FlexCar is teaming up with terrapass to provide their members the opportunity to be even more environmentally friendly. FlexCar members can now login on the website and buy a Green Membership for $9.95 that will offset up to 1 ton of CO2 over the next twelve months. Members who buy the green option will also be eligible for other yet-to-be-announced benefits from more partners.

Are you an around towner or a road tripper? Or perhaps you are a cross towner or an out of towner. TerraPass, the carbon offset program, would like to fit you into one of these four new categories for their alternative energy investment sticker program. Actually, the categories aren't new, just the names. With hybrid SUVs on the market, TerraPass' previous categories – Hybrid, Efficient, Standard, and Utility – didn't really match the reality on the road. Plus, a Mini Cooper was cons

Just in time for the Labor Day Weekend, two on-line travel agencies, Travelocity and Expedia, have recently launched carbon offset programs for their travelers.

Tom from TerraPass' TerraBlog suggested over the weekend that all this political and commercial rushing towards ramped-up ethanol production in the United States needs to be looked at in a little more relaxed way. While there are new ethanol plants announced regularly, the plants all differ in how they are powered and what biomass they use to produce the biofuel. Still, in the end, the rules say all ethanol gets a 51 cents per gallon tax credit and meets the renewable fuel standards of the Energ

While they admit that it is a "meaningless-but-entertaining milestone", TerraPass deserves credit for reaching the 100 million pounds of carbon offset marker this week. While people's cars are still driving them around, the TerraPass program has taken "the equivalent of taking almost 15,000 Honda Civics off the road for a year (or, ahem, 7,500 Hummers)". So, hat's off to them.

Last week we mentioned a slight controversy brewing over at Ford for their funding of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, which recently produced a series of ads basically claiming "carbon dioxide is good for you" and attacking the new movie "An Inconvenient Truth." On Friday, TerraPass got an answer from Niel Golightly, Ford's Director of Sustainable Business Strategies. The gist of Golightly's letter is that Ford takes no responsibility for the ads (their funding of CEI took place a while ba

I've got to give TerraPass a lot of credit for this post that looks, initially at the "global warming is good for you" crowd at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and then mentions a possible tie between TerraPass and their main car manufacturer partner, Ford.

Voluntary carbon offset programs are a popular idea. Instead of making the more serious commitment to change vehicles – downshifting from a SUV to a compact, a compact to a hybrid or a hybrid to public transportation or bicycle (where reasonable) – someone can just pay money and let others work to clean up their pollution. While one of the more popular programs, TerraPass, claims to be effective, their program really just moves carbon pollution around on paper.

We've talked about TerraPass a bit recently, so it's only fair to let them get a few words in edgewise. Over on their TerraBlog, Adam writes a good piece on the four ways people can talk about carbon offset programs (Adam bases his piece on the four ways first identified in Malcolm Gladwell's article in the New Yorker): appeals to convention, stories, appeals to code and technical accounts. Adam says that each way can work, depending on the situation. I appreciate what TerraPass is doing and I h

I’m not quite sure what the difference is between Ford’s new Greener Miles program, in partnership with TerraPass, and the regular TerraPass program (see here). Still, getting one of the big three to promote the idea of carbon offsetting is a good idea, and props to TerraPass for the partnership. The costs for Greener Miles are the same as TerraPass (between 30 and 80 dollars a year, depending on how many miles are put on the car in a year, and the money goes to the same projects Ter

If you’re interested in buying a new hybrid or converting your old Mercedes to run on SVO, but don’t have the time or money right now to make that sort of thing happen, there is an easier way to greenify your car, and you can do it today with the car you already own.