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Small Aircraft Stops For Fuel Along Highway, Then Takes Off

Ultralight makes for unusual sight at Lukoil gas station

We've seen the occasional out-of-the-ordinary car at the gas pump, but never quite like this.

Terrafugia Transition flying "car" gets special FAA exemption, sees clear skies ahead?

Terrafugia Transition – Click above for high-res image gallery

VIDEO: Fuel-sipping flying car flies!

Click above and scroll down to watch the video

Terrafugia Transition completes successful first flight

Terrafugia Ttansition first flight – Click above for image gallery

The Hammerhead: Is this the flying car we've been waiting for?

The Moller SkyCar. The Terrafugia. The Alfa Romeo Spix flying concept car. All three of these winged machina have been dangled in our faces like a carrot at the end of an impossibly long stick. Jeff Allen Case is hoping he'll be the first to deliver on the promise of flying cars with his Hammerhead p