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Cars.com finds a TerraPass fleet is the right move

How much carbon does the fleet of vehicles over at KickingTires spew? For starters, about 26 tons. That's at least what the Cars.com team has decided is the right amount of Terrapass carbon offsets to buy for the fleet, and senior editor Dave Thomas said that this initial purchase will be reviewed as the cars' emissions are more accurately rated in the coming months. He told AutoblogGreen that he expects he'll need to buy more to round out the year, but for now, at least, when Cars.com reviews a

NJ firefighters make red trucks green to fight global warming and fires

In Robbinsville, New Jersey, the Professional Fire Fighters Local 3786 has see the light. Used to fighting fires around town, the fire fighters have gone green to help fight global warming. Compact florescent light bulbs and and other energy saving measures were implemented at the firehouse, but the big red firetruck got an upgrade as well. Two of the fire fighters' front line emergency response vehicles, one ambulance and one large fir

TerraPass updates online CO2 calculator

It's a minor change, but over at TerraPass, the carbon-offset-powers-that-be have added a comparison bar to the online emissions calculator. Now, when you input information to figure out how much your indulgence TerraPass CO2 offset sticker will cost you, you'll also see a yellow bar that compares your annual emissions with the average U.S. car. The Sebastian Blanco

CO2 offset milestone: 100,000 TerraPasses sold

If I can't buy a hybrid or get an EV for 'round town needs, then perhaps a carbon offset sticker is the right move. That's what at least 100,000 people have decided, according to the leading consumer/driver carbon offset vendor, TerraPass. Earlier this month, TerraPass sold its 100,000th TerraPass to one Heraldo Botelho of Palo Alto, CA. It was Botelho's first TerraPass and it offset a flight he took to visit his family. Lik