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We've seen automotive price-fixing scandals in the past, most recently against nine Japanese suppliers that received $740 million in fines from the US Department of Justice. Now the European Union is cracking down hard on the anti-competitive practice. On March 25, its regulators raided several exhaust system suppliers, including one based in the US, and more busts could be on the way.


Gasoline-powered, internal combustion engines are notoriously inefficient. Some estimates say as much as 70 percent of the fuel's energy is lost to friction and heat. An Automotive News story has engineers saying that only three percent is due to friction. To engineers, that's a huge pot of low-hanging, fuel-efficiency fruit.

Illinois-based Tenneco will be providing the components for the "hot end" of emission-control systems on Ford 2009 and 2010 model year vehicles. The affected models are the F-150 light-duty truck, the Ford Expedition, the Lincoln Navigator and the Ford Econoline. For the 2010 model year, Tenneco will also supply some Ford mid-size passenger vehicles (not yet named) with hot end components.

Tenneco, headquartered in Lake Forrest, Illinois, was chosen by Toyota as the exclusive supplier of retrofit diesel particulate filters for original equipment service applications for the complete Toyota diesel car range. The DPF production started last month in Poland, after an accelerated six month engineering and product development process. While original equipment diesel particulate filters work in a closed loop system, with periodic regeneration to burn off the soot collected on the filter