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Sometimes it seems researchers are considering any possible technology in the engine of the future. Hydrogen Engine Center, Inc. (HEC), which we recently covered for its work with hydrogen ICEs, announced today that they're working with Sawtelle & Rosprim, Inc. to design and build the world's first Ammonia Fueled Irrigation Pump System for hydrogen engines. A prototype ammonia-powered engine that uses Sawtelle's pump technologies is being designed to run 24 hours a day and will likely be tes

He may have left Ford behind, but Theodore Hollinger (who was formerly Director of Engineering at Ford Motor Company and Vice President of the Power Conversion Group at Ballard Power Systems) is still paying attention to what the big automaker is saying. Well, that and he's proud to say he thinks they have been listening to him. Hollinger is president of the Hydrogen Engine Center, a corporation founded in 2003 to get hydrogen-powered vehicles in use as soon as possible. The HEC is not working o

While the media's been focusing on Toyota or Ford hybrids or GM's latest promotion of E85, Hydrogen Engine Center Inc., has been developing and testing engines that can run on a gamut of fuels. Called 'Oxx Power', the engines are not for mid-sized sedans, full-sized SUV, or any consumer vehicle. Instead, says company founder and Ford retiree Ted Hollinger, the engines will replace those found in airline ground equipment, tractors, and even buses.