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"They're odd, and that's why they get hit."

"They're odd, and that's why they get hit."

Report had quoted GlobalFoundries CEO

Report had quoted GlobalFoundries CEO

Volkswagen is content being a "second mover, who would rather check a couple of times more whether the standards are right."

Here's a question: how does a self-driving car reveal its intentions to you without an audio cue?

Panamera and Cayenne to offer next-gen system

Porsche InnoDrive calculates "the perfect, efficient longitudinal drive strategy."

Prototypes dubbed Hunter and Killer are being tested to make airborne troops more mobile and informed

Army tests dune buggies for next-gen battle use

Acquisition makes Intel a big player in the self-driving game.

FEDOR is an anthropomorphous robot from Russia, designed to replace a person in difficult conditions. In 2021 the humanoid robot will be sent to space in an unmanned spaceship to assist astronauts.

The first Volvo-powered Geely car will hit the road as a 2019 model.

Hyperloop One had its first successful test. The test lasted 5.3 seconds as the sled reached 70 MPH. Next up, more tests as Hyperloop One attempts to achieve 250 MPH with the XP-1 pod.

Fiat Chrysler hopes regulators will quickly approve the company's proposed software update.

As the song goes: Has he lost his mind?

It could cost the company $45 million.

Could be an important feature for self-driving cars.

FRANKFURT - Porsche is opening a digital technology center with 100 staff in Silicon Valley to forge new partnerships, cooperate with venture-capital companies and invest in new companies, it said on Friday. The Volkswagen subsidiary launched its digital division based in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart a year ago to develop digital services for the premium segment. It is headed by Thilo Koslowski, a former digital mobility analyst at technology consulting firm Gartner. "The car is the ultimate mo

Though the judge said it was clear documents were stolen.

He's the startup's second notable hire.

Comes as Uber faces claims of stolen documents.

Ford said on Thursday it was hiring 400 engineers, mostly in Canada, to work on connectivity software and hardware, part of a wider push to meet demand for more connected cars. The 300 engineers in Canada and 100 in the United States will double the current size of the Detroit automaker's mobile connectivity engineering team. Ford also plans to establish a new research and engineering center in Ottawa. That's because t​​​​​​he majority of the hires will come from BlackBerry's shuttered phone ha

Audi's OLED turn signal concept was revealed in 2013. The concept aimed to create real time information to those driving behind. Possibly introducing a different type of traffic safety.

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