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Limits drivers to same-sex passenger, limits hours of operation

Limits drivers to same-sex passengers, limits hours of operation.


Tech features have made trailering a breeze, even if you’re a noob

Tech features have made trailering a breeze, even if you're a noob


It has already cut way back on the stuff in cells for the Tesla Model 3

It has already cut way back on the stuff in cells for the Tesla Model 3.


Bright spot in a tough week

Bright spot in a tough week.


Joins Rogue, Leaf and 2019 Altima in getting the driver technology

Nissan is expanding its ProPilot Assist semi-autonomous system to two more crossovers in North America in late 2018. The Rogue Sport in the U.S. and the Qashqai in Canada will get the technology, which Nissan says is now in more than 120,000 vehicles globally.


Governor John Kasich opens state's roads to autonomous car testing

Ohio has become the latest state to open its roads for testing self-driving vehicles, in a boost to a nascent industry that has been facing increased scrutiny after a well-publicized death involving Uber's self-driving car testing.

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This little bot is terrifying or amazing depending on your point of view

GhostRobotics has created a small robot that is capable of jumping obstacles and climbing structures. Ghost Minitaur was developed for scientific research, public safety, and warfare. The all-terrain robot is agile and adaptable to its surroundings. Learn more at ghostrobotics.io Transcript: This robot looks freaky fast. Ghost Minitaur from GhostRobotics is a lightweight unmanned robot. Developed for scientific research, public safety, and warfare. This all-terrain robot is able to lower itself

Their questions ‘were neither valid nor pertinent’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk defended the snub of two Wall Street analysts on a conference call, proclaiming in a tweet on Friday that they "were trying to justify their Tesla short thesis."

Range of 500-1,200 miles and about 20 minutes to re-fuel

Budweiser beer maker Anheuser-Busch said on Thursday it reserved up to 800 hydrogen-fueled semi-trucks from Nikola Motor Company as part of plans to convert its dedicated long-haul fleet to renewable powered trucks by 2025. ​​​​


Aston Martin and Triton Submarines team to build luxury sub

Aston Martin and Triton Submarines have teamed to build probably the world's most stylish and luxurious way to dive beneath the waves. Called Project Neptune, this two-passenger mini submarine looks like something designed and developed by Q Branch for James Bond. Though to be fair, the evildoers at Spectre might also appreciate a submersible that works a little Aston flair into its design.


Says Tesla violates several of its patents for hydrogen-electric semi

Nikola Motor Co, which makes hydrogen-powered semi trucks, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against electric automaker Tesla alleging design patent infringements.

‘They can actually feel’: Collaborative robots work alongside people

Carmakers have big plans for their next generation of factories: smarter designs, artificial intelligence and collaborative robots building a wide range of vehicles on the same line.

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Continental's technology uses existing interior parts for hi-fi audio

First it was eight-track players, then cassette decks, antennas and CD players. Now your actual speakers might be the next features of your car audio system to disappear, The New York Times reports.


Toyota Research Institute conducts on-road testing in California and Michigan

DETROIT - Toyota Motor Corp said on Tuesday it will pause autonomous vehicle testing following an accident in which an Uber self-driving vehicle struck and killed a woman in Tempe, Ariz. Separately, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office in Phoenix said it was awaiting the results of an investigation by Tempe police of the fatality before reviewing whether any charges should be filed. The Tempe police chief has told the San Francisco Chronicle that a preliminary look at video of the fatal crash


GM pilot expands Maven into an Airbnb for cars

Owners of GM vehicles will be able to rent them to other drivers.

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This drone captures footage underwater. It can be controlled wirelessly Using a mobile device or remote. Shooting 4k video and 16mp photo at 30fps

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What's next, an autonomous unicycle?

Would you trust a self-driving skid loader? Built Robotics, Founded by Ex-Google Engineer, Ready-Campbell believes in this future.


Livemap helmet has music, camera, phone and lets you focus on the road

An augmented reality interface is brought to your helmet with the Livemap helmet. It puts GPS, speed and other parameters in front of your face. It also has a built-in camera as well as voice and audio.


Hyperloop competitors are also eyeing Chicago-Cleveland, India routes

Hyperloop competitors are also eyeing Chicago-Cleveland, India routes

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And it's not Minecraft

Honda released a video showcasing the head-to-head race between pro gamer Peter "the SLAPtrain" Jeankins and IndyCar driver Graham Rahal.