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TTXGP UK round 3 at Pembrey – Click above for high-res image gallery

Jenny Tinmouth for Team Agni at TTXGP UK Anglesey – Click above to watch video after the jump

The TTXGP held its first double-header this weekend with Mosport International Raceway in Toronto, Canada providing the backdrop for the third race in the North American series and Snetterton Motor Racing Circuit setting the scene for the first event in the UK edition. Though only five teams made the trek to the "Great White North" – organizers say local interest was strong and speculated next season will see a larger field – the starting grid across the pond held nine entries, with

TTXGP North America – Click above to watch video after the jump

Ask just about anyone who follows the green automotive industry what's holding back electric cars and you'll likely get the same answer: It's the batteries. Though today's lithium ion packs are orders of magnitude better than the lead acid units of a few decades ago, these advanced power packs still can't hold a candle to the available energy of a full tank of gasoline.

Teasers... generally the small, grainy, purposely-blurred or otherwise difficult to decipher images don't give away very much and are used to generate excitement for a new product before its official announcement. Usually, it takes a keen eye to pull out any detail from the resulting wreckage. Such is the case with the latest teaser image from Mavizen, the company that's planning to release a new twin-motor electric racebike inspired by the TTXGP-winning electric racer from Team Agni.

It took only 25 minutes and 53.5 seconds, for the TTXGP to be decided. Find out the winner after the jump.

The first official TTXGP qualifying runs were completed yesterday in a flurry of "firsts" and are now in the record books. Of the 20 bikes listed as participants, only 14 managed to make it to the start gate, and of those, merely 10 completed the 37.72 mile (60.7 km) mountain course. One of the bikes absent on the first day, the innovative EV-0 RR, was still being built, but despite the realization the team now has no chance of winning, hopes to be present for the next qualifying run.