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TFLcar going from Prague to Pebble in a Tatra [w/videos]

Today, the Tatra brand is best known for its heavy-duty trucks that carry goods all over Europe, but their legacy as a carmaker is a bit less celebrated, especially in the US. That's a shame, because the Czech company's legacy includes some of the oddest passenger vehicles to ever hit the roads. Case in point: the Tatra 603. With four lights in its round grille, the sedan has a face only a mother could love, but things get truly odd in the rear w

Petrolicious samples the finned and fantastic Tatra T87

There are a lot of weird things in Los Angeles. There are weird people, weird buildings, and there are some especially weird cars. The automotive melting pot that is the City of Angels has any number of hidden treasures, and Paul Greenstein just happens to own one of the strangest - the Tatra T87.

Greenwich Concours d'Elegance - Day 2

Click image for a huge Greenwich Concours Day 2 gallery