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Though regularly overshadowed by vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, specs for the battery-powered Tata Indica Vista EV seem to indicate that it's a worthy competitor.

In late March, the Tata Indica Vista EV officially started rolling down the assembly lines in the UK. Before that, Michael and Angela Boxwell, owners of a MG ZS, Nissan Cube and a Reva G-Wiz electric car and members of the UK's CABLED trial, headed off to Tata's factory in Coventry to grab a pre-production Indica Vista EV. Angela Boxwell says that the electrified Tata will replace the MG ZS and she, along with her husband, will share their Indica Vista experiences with the entire world via the O

Back in September 2008, Tata Motors confirmed that rumors of an electrified Indica Vista were true when the car was unveiled to the media in India. Since then, Tata has made significant progress developing the electric hatch and, even though the Indica Vista EV is regularly overshadowed by vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, it's no less of a breakthrough vehicle than its headline-grabbing competitors. It's also finally here.

Way back in September of 2008, Tata Motors confirmed that the rumors of an electric Indica Vista were true when they unveiled it to the media in India. Since then, Tata Motors has made significant progress developing the electric hatch. Even though the battery-powered Indica is often overshadowed by vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt, it's no less of a breakthrough vehicle than its more publicized competitors.

The Tata Indica Vista EVX, developed by engineers at the automaker's European Technical Centre, captured two category wins at the inaugural Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Brighton to London Future Car Challenge. The Vista EVX nabbed the top spot in the Economic Small Passenger Electric Vehicle (EV) and the Most Economical and Environment Friendly Small Passenger EV classes. The RAC-sponsored event was designed to promote and demonstrate alternative-energy technologies and was open to electric, hybr

Rajiv Dube, the mind behind Tata Motors' move into the passenger car world, has decided to part ways with the company after 27 years. Dube joined Tata way back in 1983, and neither he nor the company are saying exactly why the long-standing exec decided to move on. Our guess is that after 20 years, retirement was sounding plenty tasty. Cars like the Nano and Indica hatchback can all pledge their allegiance to Dube's market-minded approach to the automobile.

Could it be that Tata is expecting to move lots of Indica Vista EVs when they bring them to the market, beginning with Norway later this year? If the tea leaves are being read properly, then yes. A short press release from the American offices of the South Korean battery maker Energy Innovation Group Ltd. (EIG) announces that they will supply their lithium polymer cells to Miljøbil Grenland AS, the Indian giant's Norwegian subsidiary until 2012. The agreement anticipates as many as two mi

The all-electric Indica Vista by Tata Motors has taken a large step forward with the naming of TM4 as its supplier of motors, controllers and power electronics. TM4 is a subsidiary of Hydro-Quebec and joins battery supplier Electrovaya as the second Canadian company involved with the project. Miljø Innovasjon, the Tata subsidiary charged with overseeing the demonstration program, will produce over 100 of the vehicles beginning this year.

This cute little guy is the Tata Indica Vista, a special edition created to celebrate ten years of Indica sales. The Indica has perennially been one of India's best selling cars, as well as being Tata's prime mover. Given credit for greatly lifting the fortunes of the company, the Indica walks off with 78% of sales among the cars built on its platform (like the Indigo and Marina).

While most of the automotive-related attention accorded to Tata comes as a result of the Nano and the Jaguar and Land Rover brands it bought from Ford, we shouldn't forget the Indica. Tata has been building the Indica for some time, but there is a new variant on display at the Bologna Motor Show this week. The Indica Electric uses a lithium ion battery to provide a claimed range of about 120 miles. The batteries are apparently lithium polymer similar to those that Hyundai will be using in its up

What a difference a day makes, or a few years at least. While many automakers were rushing to add premium models to their lineups just a few years ago, today the buzzword is affordability. Perhaps a ripple effect of high gas prices, or the green movement, or even the emerging third-world automotive markets, everybody seems to be thinking cheap. In response, BusinessWeek has compiled a list of super affordable vehicles that will be available over the next couple of years. The common factor here i