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REPORT: Tata Motors back in the black as Jaguar/Land Rover fortunes improve

While many confusing car-related things have happened in the upper strata of the Autoverse over the last few years (Aston Martin and Ferrari both being impart owned by Middle Eastern concerns, Aston Martin not being bankrupt) perhaps the most shocking and disconcerting was Ford's sale of Jaguar and Land Rover to India's Tata. To many, the scheme seemed doomed from the get go and after a couple cash-hemorrhaging quarters coupled to the recent recession, the naysayers appeared right.

It Begins: First tuned Tata Nano spotted

DC Designs customized Tata Nano - Click above for image gallery

REPORT: Ex-Opel chief Carl-Peter Forster may take over at Jaguar-Land Rover

It appears that outgoing Opel chief Carl-Peter Forster may have already lined up a new gig for himself. According to The Times of London, Forster will become an employee of Tata Motors and take the top job at Jaguar-Land Rover. If this appointment comes through, it will be something of a homecoming for Forster who was born and raised in London. Additionally, Forster also ran production at BMW when it owned the late Rover Group.

2010 Jaguar XJ: We get hands-on with Coventry's new big cat

2010 Jaguar XJ – Click above for high-res image gallery

REPORT: Tata selects first 100,000 Nano buyers from lotto

Tata Nano - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Tata sends Indica to Norway to gain electric drivetrain, street cred

Tata Motors announced last week, curiously, they would be building an electric car by the end of the fiscal year in Norway. One of the first questions that sprang to mind was answered today by news that the vehicle in question will be based on the "tried and tested" Indica (pictured above) and not the Nano which we suspect will

Jaguar and Land Rover are hiring!

If you have a passion for Tata-owned British luxury vehicles and you're willing to move to central England, then Jaguar/Land Rover may have the opportunity of a lifetime for you. The newly Indian-owned British marques are looking to fill 600 positions to beef up their engineering staffs that work on emissions performance. Both experienced engineers and yungins fresh out of college are needed, as well as a few HR schmucks and some purchasing and finance bean counters. The reason for the new hires

Jaguar posts first sales rise in almost 2 years

For decades, Ford has carried Jaguar like an 800 lb guerrilla on the company's back. And just as Ford is able to unload the money-burning British marque, the leaping cat responds by posting its first sales increase in two years. Jaguar's April sales were up a ridiculous 69.6% in Europe, and while Automotive News somehow gives credit for this sales success to Tata Motors, it likely has a hell of a lot more to do with the all-new Chris Shunk

Bids for Jaguar, Land Rover due in a few weeks

If you've ever wanted your very own British Automaker, boy has Ford got a deal for you: buy one, get one free. The two brands are said to be worth $1.5 Billion or more, and Ford can use all the cash it can get. There are only a few more weeks to get in a bid on Jaguar and Land Rover, and according to Auto News, Cerberus is still in the running. Indian automaker Tata Motors is in t

Toyota planning cheap car for emerging markets

Automotive News is reporting that Toyota will launch a really cheap car in the next two years. Most likely to be built in India, it is primarily intended for sale in emerging markets, but could also find its way into more developed markets, too. So far, India and Brazil seem to be the leading candidates for hosting production of this inexpensive family car. One reason the company may be siding with India is that Toyota has already acknowledged it will

AutoblogGreen interviews Miguel Celades, sales manager for the Air Car

Sister site AutoblogGreen recently had a sitdown with Miguel Celades, the sales manager for Moteur Developpement International (MDI). In case those names aren't immediately recognizable, MDI is the Luxembourg-based company that is developing the Air Car in Southern France. The Air Car, as its name implies, is a car that is powered by compressed air. It was developed

Tata looking for fuel cell and hybrid power-train suppliers

Tata Motors (you can stop snickering anytime now) of India wants to build more environmentally friendly vehicles than they do now. Since they have limited development resources and knowledge as only the third largest car-maker in India, they are talking to manufacturers hybrid and fuel cell power-train components about getting some of that technology.

Pair of nice Tatas debuts in Madrid

Some fun photos of concepts little seen in this part of this world are still floating out of Madrid from our man, Alberto. These two come from Indian automaker Tata Motors and according to Alberto are nice departures from the brand's current style, perhaps that's because they were styled by the Italian design studio IDEA. The first is a seven-passenger crossover conveniently called the Crossover. The second concept called the Cliffrider is a five-passenger sport utility truck called the Cliffrid

Dirt cheap Tatas! Indian automaker to market $2,000 car

Tata Motors Ltd. of India has announced plans to build a five-seat car that it will bring to market for less than 100,000 rupees (around $2,200).

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