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Indiana Jones wanted for questioning.

A woman was driving through the parking lot of a New Jersey Target last week when one of the spherical red bollards that guard the store's doors rolled into the parking lot and smashed into her Nissan.


The Hot Wheels Retro Style puts some classic toys back on Target shelves to make you feel nostalgic.


Volkswagen is partnering with Target and Funny or Die in a bizarre ad for the latest Golf starring comedian Rob Huebel, probably best known for his work on Childrens Hospital on Adult Swim.

Groan. Remember the $350,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom parked in front of a Walmart? Apparently it's not an isolated case. That's right, according to a new survey by TeleNav, most Americans use their navigation systems to find the Arkansas-based mega-store full of cheap stuff that Sam built. The great burning irony, of course, is that most cars with navigation systems are "luxury" products. Though of course that's changing, as navigation systems are making their way into lower strata vehicles and port

A new European Environment Agency (EEA) report has been published that identifies transport as a major stumbling block for the European Union in trying to reach its Kyoto climate change targets. The report, 'Transport and Environment: on the way to a new common transport policy', calls for policy changes to address the massive increase in transport usage over the last twenty years. Passenger transport volumes have grown 20 percent in the EU between 1990 and 2003, and air transport volumes have v

Twelve months ago the major oil companies delivered a biofuels action plan to the Australian Federal Government, predicting that their biofuel use would rise in 2006 to between 89 million litres and 124 million litres (23.5 million - 32.7 million gallons) of ethanol and biodiesel in 2006. The actual figure, as estimated by Renewable Fuels Australia, is sales of just 24 million litres of the biofuels this year by the major fuel retailers.

Parents Television Council has it out for General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler and Nissan due to the companies' support of "edgy" television shows over more wholesome content. Ford, on the other hand, got props from PTC thanks to its sponsorship of American Idol.

If your boyfriend recently bought you an F-150, Fusion, or Mustang and you want to show your thanks to said boyfriend, head on down to the nearest Target. The retailer is selling T-shirts that proclaim in faded lettering: "My boyfriend bought me a Ford."