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As the photo shows, Commuter Car's Tango is a tiny 2-passenger one-box vehicle sitting on four tiny tires. What is doesn't show is that is it only one meter wide (39 inches)! It is so narrow it can drive two abreast in a normal road lane. It is so short it can park four to a standard parking space. Being so narrow, how can it be stable? Well, if you put 460 kilograms (about 1,000 pounds) of lead acid batteries under the floor of it, you get a mighty low center of gravity.

Why would Google co-founder Sergey Brin order three electric Tango vehicles from a Spokane, Washington company? Because of star power. Actor George Clooney put the maker of the Tango, Commuter Cars Corp., on the map last year when he bought the first of the single-seat electric vehicles. Following Clooney's public lead, Brin and others have been heavy into electric cars recently. Brin is invested in Tesla as well as a lithium-ion battery pack being developed by Commuter Cars. Exactly how much mo