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Police caution motorists to not engage angry drivers

Police have always warned law-abiding motorists that they should not engage with drivers who have a case of road rage. It's always smarter to take a license plate number, and if needed, call 911. In case you need an example as to why that's the best course of action, check out a cautionary tale that comes from Florida this week.

When the market doesn't offer what you want, maybe it's time to make it yourself. At least that's what Cornelius Cronin in Oldsmar, Fla., thought when he bought an old Chevy S10 for $900 and replaced its gas engine with an electric powertrain. The DIY EV bug is contagious down in Florida, apparently, and other individuals and small businesses around the Tampa Bay area are taking the initiative to build electric cars themselves. These green tuners are not building expensive hypermilers: they're h