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Talon Motors Invader - Click above for high-res image gallery

Talon Performance is where "Innovation meets the street." That combination apparently yields results like the Talon Street Quad, a body-kitted 4-wheeler based on the Kawasaki KFX700. We think it looks like the innovation and the street got in a big argument, attacked a manatee with bats, and then threw paint on it. Then put it on wheels. Nice, rims, though...

While much of the motoring public has been turning away from the brawny image of large SUVs, there are those among us (Texans?) who will always believe bigger is better. To those people, the Talon Riot Control Vehicle would be considered the best weapon for suburban warfare. It was featured once on Top Gear in which Richard Hammond demonstrated the armored vehicle's unique capabilities. Neighborhood kids dropping malatov cocktails on your front lawn? No problem, the Talon can be fitted with a wa