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Video of brake-checking incident has racked up nearly 90,000 views in one week.

A Clifton, NJ cop is facing an inquiry from his internal affairs department after brake-checking a civilian driver in a bizarre incident in late March.

Video footage of a crash caused by a driver suddenly braking in front of a car that was following too close caught the attention of police in Fox Valley, WI.

WARNING: NSFW language can be heard in the video.

They say that wearing a pink tie is a power move, but so is stopping your car in the middle of an entrance ramp and giving a tailgater a good, old-fashioned stare down. If all that's true, that makes the unidentified man in this video Mr. Powermove.

How could this have possibly taken so long? With everything from DVD players to beverage coolers showing up in our cars, why didn't anybody come up with a way to install a microwave oven in your vehicle before now? Who doesn't want some good hot food on the job site, on the road or at the campground? Bar-B-Q grills are a popular choice at tailgate gatherings, and some manufacturers have even shown custom vehicles with built-in grills mounted out back, but as far as we know, no one has ever come

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